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Timekeeping Product & Services

Memphis Payroll performs an essential function for your company: ensuring that employees are paid on time and their paychecks are accurate. When last minute changes need to occur, as a Memphis based business, additions and corrections can be made, and checks created and delivered the same day.

Our automated timekeeping system allows employees to clock in and out without any intervention by you, as times are uploaded directly to our computers for processing. This process eliminates all data entry and most of the review that would normally be on the shoulders of your management team.

Our product, the Tranz330, contains a modem that uploads all of your critical timekeeping information to our computers at an off peak, preprogrammed time.

This machine is the most reliable and affordable on the market, and is extremely flexible. You simply provide employees a swipe card for quick and easy access.

Installation and programmimg are free.

Offices that choose not to have this automated function will still be able to use our payroll services. Times may be delivered to our payroll specialists in some other fashion, ie; phone, fax or email.